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Medicare Plans Overview

The Key to the service we offer clients is that we are not here to sell them a product. Everyone needs Healthcare, especially when they get older. Our job is to act as consultants on their behalf finding them not only the best value for their Healthcare needs, but also helping them determine which product or plan is best suited to them based on where they live, the physicians available to them, the medications they may be taking , additional services that may be available to them at no cost and a host of other variables!

When it comes to considering Medicare options, your client can spend hours doing their own research or they can be helped by licensed and certified professionals that can help them find all the answers they are looking for without favor or prejudice. We search thousands of plans from nationally recognized companies to find the coverage that’s right for them… at a price that fits their budget and Healthcare needs.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage can combine hospital, doctor and prescription drug coverage in one plan and may also include extra benefits not offered by original Medicare.

Medicare Part D

Enrolling in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan is a smart way to manage your prescription expenses. There can even be penalties levied for not enrolling in a PDP (Depending on which Medicare Plan your client chooses).

Medigap / Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans are designed to help “fill the gaps” in your clients Medicare Part A and B coverage.

Below are some questions clients may be asking! Only a Licensed and CMS Certified Healthcare Professional should be giving them answers.

We can add that Agent to your Agency!

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Do I Qualify

In order to qualify for Medicare, you need to meet one of the three requirements below.

  1. You are 65 or older.

  2. You are younger than 65 but have certain disabilities or illnesses, including:

    • At least 24 months of Social Security disability benefits.

    • Disability pension from the Railroad Retirement Board.

    • You have Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  3. You have permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant.

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