Add Life

to your Agency!

Adding Life Products to your P&C Agency's portfolio of services can be a vehicle to increased retention and client satisfaction as well as adding new revenue…

We make sure your clients have the most satisfactory experience possible, making you look great comes second only to client satisfaction. 

We offer not only over 25 carriers to choose from, but also stellar case management and in-house underwriting. From start to finish our aim to make sure your clients have access to the best value and array of products as well as the most professional experience possible.  

A Grandfather's Lesson is our vow to Brokers

I learned a valuable Lesson from my Grandfather, Michael Silver, and yes I am his namesake. He came to this country with his wife, two children, and $20 in his pocket. He went on to eventually have his own business. 

He didn't have an MBA, he was just a store owner who counted revenue on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, he only completed the 5th grade when his father sent him out to help support the family. However, he taught me the most valuable lesson I have ever learned in business!


He would say, "Remember, FIRST, you make your customers... then and only then can you start to think about money! Give your customers the right service and they will stay with you forever!" 


Maybe you have been waiting for the right partner! Maybe you have been waiting for someone who understands that your clients are priority #1, whether it is $15 a month, or $15,000 a year in premium! Maybe you have been waiting for us to... 

Add Life to Your Agency!




At Equitas Life Brokerage we know that in order to increase your Life business, we need to increase your value and business overall! We know that providing Life Products needs to be a source of added value for you and your agency and not a thorn in your side! 

We have been working with P&C Agencies for nearly a decade, providing the type of service that we know the P&C Industry demands. WE ARE A FULL SERVICE BROKERAGE from A to Z. 

This is why we offer Marketing, Branding, Advertising, and Lead Generation Services. 

As a matter of fact, we are the ONLY Life General Agency that has their own Web Development and Branding Business Unit, Equitas webEquity


into Life!

We are here to back you up! Moreover, the service we can assist you in providing to your clients is an invaluable one they will thank you for. 


Take the Leap and increase retention while developing a new revenue stream.

What our Brokers are saying about us

Rebecca H.

Agency Manager  

Toms River, New Jersey

"Equitas, is like my built-in Life Division, they help us expand our product portfolio without increasing our costs or liability. Most importantly, Equitas adds value to our agency and treats our clients like gold! There is only upside for us, it's just another opportunity to service our clients and have them feel like they got the full attention they deserve!"  




Phone: (732)-898-3288 
Florida: (954)-778-1004 
Fax: (732)-898-3266 

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    614 CRANBURY RD. PO BOX 69

    Phone: (732)-898-3288 
    Florida: (954)-778-1004 
    Fax: (732)-898-3266

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